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RMIQ Foundation has funded a 6 WEEK Brain Builders STEM Education Program for Kindergarten through 4th Grades and a 8 WEEK ROBOTICS Brain Builders STEM Education Program for 5th Grade at Moulton for the 2018-2019 school year. 5th Grade will be starting their 8 week course on October 15, 2018 and 4th Grade will be starting their 6 week course October 22, 2018. The remaining grades will be taking place in 2019. Dates will be announced in 2019.

This program is instructed by Brain Builders STEM Education, an education based company serving Orange County since 2002, that offers classes in engineering with LEGO bricks. This program was designed and tailored for each grade level specifically for Moulton Elementary and cannot be taken as an after-school program at any other campus. The programs encourage students to apply the concepts they learn to create their own team projects not just build from a set of instructions. As witnessed by Brain Builders Instructors during the past 3 school years at Moulton, the students participating in the Moulton Elementary Brain Builders program were much more focused and serious about wanting to learn the program materials and applying this knowledge which they attributed this due to instruction taking place during school hours versus an after-school program.


5th GRADE - INTRO TO ROBOTICS Use of tablets, Basic coding skills using the LEGO WeDo programming language, Final Day Challenge: Engineer a robotic arm using lego bricks and program the arm to throw a ping pong ball the farthest across the room

- "We got to pick our own partners this year, work together and be creative. We loved using the tablets!" ~ Kelli E. ~ 5th Grade Student Review

- "Brain Builders educates our brains, we build what we wanted, and we used tablets to code our projects. It was fun!" ~ Ryan H. ~ 5th Grade Student Review

4th GRADE – VEHICLES IN MOTION – Chassis design, Kinetic Energy, Inertia, Friction, Torque vs. Speed, Final Day Challenge: Motorized vehicle that can climb the highest incline

- "I liked to work in a team with my friends this year and think outside the box. I like learning how engineering works." ~ Cameran S. ~ 4th Grade Student Review

- "I love that I got to engineer cool things with Lego's. It's so much fun!" ~ Myles F. ~ 4th Grade Student Review

- "I liked to build with my friends and be creative. I liked the challenges!" ~ Hailey T. ~ 4th Grade Student Review

3rd GRADE – RENEWABLE ENERGY – Mechanical Energy, Gears, Engineering a functioning windwill that produces electricity, Final Day Challenge: Windmill that creates the most amount of electricity

- "I like that we are using energy and I had fun with my team. I look forward to next year!" ~ Wyatt D. ~ 3rd Grade Student Review

- "I liked building things and coming up with ideas to build new things each week." ~ Danger P. ~ 3rd Grade Student Review

2nd GRADE CATAPULTS – Levers, Fulcrum Placement, Force, Kinetic Energy, Final Day Challenge: Catapult that can launch an object the furthest

- "I liked learning about engineering and science with Legos. My favorite part was building catapults." ~ Grace H. ~ 2nd Grade Student Review

1st GRADE STRUCTURES – Strong shapes in Engineering and Construction, Bracing, Load Bearing Columns, Beam Bridges, Cantilevers, Final Day Challenge: Bridge that can hold the most amount of weight electricity

- "It was really fun and I got better working with Legos and other people. I hope we can do it again next year!" ~ Sebastian G. ~ 1st Grade Student Review

- "I love everything about Brain Builders. I loved building bridges and I had fun with my team each week." ~Nahoa M. ~ 1st Grade Student Review

KINDERGARTEN ENGINEERING BASICS – Strong Joints and Walls, Piece Connection, Basic Beam Bridges, Columns, Levers, Basic Car Design, Final Day Challenge: Car with a seat that can carry plush dolls securely down a ramp

- "I liked building my car and learning how to build strong joints. My favorite part was learning new things with the Legos." ~ Cole C. ~ Kindergarten Student Review

Check out the Brain Builders Website Here.

RMIQ Foundation worked with our Principal, Ms. Campbell, CUSD and Brain Builders to bring this program into our school for 2018/2019 during school hours for the 5th year in a row. This program was tailored for each grade level in Kindergarten through 5
th Grades whereby a section of the class participates in the program while the other section of the class stays with their homeroom teacher to focus on instruction in other core subjects and then swap later that day or the next day. This will enable each student to have smaller group settings with their teacher learning core concepts for a portion of the day for a dedicated period of time during the school year AND learn new concepts they can apply in their everyday learning.

Reviews from Moulton Staff!

- "Brain Builders is an engaging program for all students. They learn engineering, math, and science principles as well as team building while having fun! It was fascinating for me to watch students who are normally reserved work together and persevere at tasks with such enthusiasm. Every child was participating! Shane [Veera, owner of Brain Builders] and his crew are professional and friendly, and motivate the kids while maintaining a respectful and cooperative atmosphere. I wish it could last longer. What a great program!" Mrs. Nancy A. Collins ~ 5th Grade Teacher

- "Brain Builders was a wonderful program. It reduced our class size, enabling us to devote time to small math groups. The engineering component of Brain Builders dovetailed well with our second grade science unit of Objects in Motion. The children not only learned engineering, but team building as well, and loved every minute! They were always enthusiastic and excited to learn." Ms. Cathi Olmstead ~ 2nd Grade Teacher

- "The Brain Builders Engineering Program engages students in Kindergarten through 5th grade in the 4 C's of the learning process - Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity! Brain Builders allows students to make hands-on connections between math and science. Our students are so fortunate to have this opportunity!" Mrs. Jackie Campbell ~ School Principal

Brain Builders not only teaches students concepts such as physics, science, and math at their age appropriate level, but the students will get to apply the concepts tangibly by engineering with LEGO bricks. Students will find out what it really means to "engineer" a project including teamwork, patience, and the satisfaction of completing goals and challenges!

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